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Lucky 4-Leaf LaMancha Dairy Goats owned by Erin Griner in Scottsville, Virginia.

Owned by Erin Griner, Scottsville, Virginia

For Sale:

Fall 2020 Breedings / Spring 2021 Kiddings

Doe: Buck: Due Date: Price Bucks: Price Does: Reservations:
Gloriana Legacy April 2021 $800 $1000 2 does
Dew Drop New Era February 2021 $400 $450  
Snow Drop New Era February 2021 $400 $450 2 does
Paris New Era February 2021 $400 $450 1 Doe
Magnolia Patriarch February 2021 $400 $450 1 Doe
Leslie Patriarch March 2021 ** $400  
First Lady Patriarch March 2021 $350 $400  
Beyonce Legacy April 2021 ** $400  
Sidney Legacy April 2021 ** $400  
Cinnamon New Era April 2021 ** $400  
** Buck kids out of first fresheners will only be sold if I believe that the dam has freshened with an exceptional mammary system. As such, I will not take deposits on buck kids out of these does; however, if you are interested in a buck out of a particular first freshener, please contact me and I will notify you if a buck kid is available.


Terms of Sale:

* A $100 deposit is required to place an order. Orders will be filled on a "first come, first served" basis.

* Deposits are non-refundable and will be returned ONLY if I am unable to fill your order. If you cancel your order, your deposit will not be refunded and I will not take a reservation from you in the future unless there are extenuating circumstances. The right to refuse reservations is solely at my discretion.

* Full payment of balance due will be required 10 days following notice of availability. If payment is not received in this time frame, the kid will be offered to someone else and the deposit will be forfeit.

* Shipping and transportation of all animals will be done at the full expense of the buyer. Buyer will be responsible for health papers, shipping crate, shipping charges, and a $50 fee to offset the cost of fuel for the 190-mile round trip to the airport. A $400 shipping deposit must be paid with the remainder due on the kid within 10 days following notice of availability. The difference between actual shipping costs and the $400 deposit will be either refunded or billed to the buyer. If you choose to have your animal shipped, it will be shipped out of the Richmond, VA airport. All kids will be shipped at 1 month of age. Shipping of two animals together will only be done if both kids are within 7 days of age of each other.

* Kids may also be picked up at the farm. This is encouraged so you can also see the parents at the same time. Kids must be picked up by 3 weeks of age unless alternate arrangements have been made with me. If kids are not picked up by 21 days, a $5 per day boarding fee will apply for every day over 21 days until the kid has been picked up.

* I reserve the right to retain any kids deemed necessary to maintain my breeding program. In this event, your deposit will be refunded. I also reserve the right to change the price on any kid not pre-reserved.

* All kids are raised on a CAE preventative program (heat treated colostrum and pasteurized milk) and are removed from their mothers at birth. All animals in the herd tested CAE negative (through WADDL by ELISA) in January of 2020.

Erin Griner
Lucky 4-Leaf LaManchas
Scottsville, Virginia

(609) 954-0467

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